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The primary responsibility of government is to protect the health and safety of the people it represents.  When the unprecedented global pandemic hit the shores of the United States the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) realized the national stockpiles of personal protective equipment, including face masks, were ill-prepared for an impending crisis.

A Federal solicitation was issued to businesses large and small, to aid in the effort to replenish those stockpiles. Because Medea had the infrastructure in place to develop, manufacture and distribute products, the Company was able to respond in a timely manner to aid in the national effort. As a result, the Company was granted a contract and delivered more than 25 million face masks and N95 respirators to FEMA. Medea successfully completed the FEMA contract.

Further, the State of California informed Medea that it is one of the contract awardees to supply the State with respirators for up to five years. State agencies may only purchase respirators from the bidders that are awarded the contact. Additionally, the State is allowing any city, other state or federal agency to purchase respirators from the awardees.