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TechCentrix Creates New Opportunities For Business/Consumer Interaction

July 16th, 2017 · Pleasanton, CA

Responding to requests to license its patented LED technology, Medea, Inc. announced the creation of TechCentrix. The focus of the new entity is the delivery and use of interactive technology to benefit businesses and consumers alike. Licensing opportunities will be granted to enhance consumer experiences and business efficiency.

“The success of the original customizable LED display was the proof we needed that consumers would embrace our Bluetooth technology. The application for business use is even greater,” said CEO Brandon Laidlaw. “Innovation may be the mantra of our times. Being innovative, however, is not enough. A consumer-oriented business must be responsive to build and maintain its customer base. TechCentrix’s technology can help a business do just that,” Laidlaw continued.

The technology stack includes the LED display, firmware, mobile apps for both iOS and Android, and the back-end Cloud server technology, all aimed at enhancing a business’s ability to learn about, and fulfill customers’ desires. The integrated data tracking and trend analytics allow businesses to provide real-time marketing campaigns and instant customer interaction.

TechCentrix’s technology also allows for geo-targeted messaging, including advertising and promotions such as reward and coupon programs. Building on-going relationships with customers is essential for a business to succeed.

“Consumers crave personalization; businesses want knowledge about their customers’ needs. Our patented technology provides the opportunity to fulfill both of these goals.  We’re energized by the reception our technology has received. Consumer goods, that have been taken for granted as necessary, but mundane, can now come alive and be interactive,” noted Laidlaw.

The personally programmable LED displays were introduced on Medea Vodka bottles in 2014. World-wide attention was earned after the debut of its Bluetooth capability and the LED technology is now licensed in Europe, Asia, Latin America and parts of Africa.

Included in the initial line up of TechCentrix licensees are consumer products such as wearables, glassware, greeting cards, and floral goods, among others.